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Last updated February 11, 2020


Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Final pre-production pricing hasn’t been finalised yet. The 3-wheel special edition version will be under $5000 and the 4-wheel version under $6000. Pre-ordering will reserve your special edition Dragonfly and you will also receive the additional extras (Lumos Matrix Helmet, Jacket and VIP invites to one of our launch events).


Q: What is the Range?

A: There are two different travel packs (batteries). Swappable battery allows for extended range by simply changing batteries over.

Standard Travel Pack: Up to 11 miles (18km)

Long Range Travel Pack: Up to 28.5 miles (46km)


Q: Is it Safe?

A: Dragonfly is the safest e-scooter available on the market today. Onboard vehicle sounds, combined with an electric horn, automotive-grade front and rear lights and turn signals make it very visible to other road users and pedestrians. The 3 and 4-wheel configuration is naturally stable, enhanced by independent suspension and foam-filled, puncture free tires create a very safe riding platform.

We would always recommend that you follow the local laws in your location. As I general principle we would say yes! Please wear a helmet for your own safety. But equally, we can't force you if they are not required by law!


Q: Are there problems braking at high speeds? Looks like it might topple over.

A:  The breaking profile is adjusted to give a progressive and safe braking distance. Under these circumstances, there should be no reason to topple over. Braking is positive but progressive. The low centre of gravity and weight distribution between rider and battery is perfectly balanced, which makes braking positive and progressive. 

The manual stomp break is there for an emergency situation. In all of our real-life testing, we have never been able to create a topple over scenario from braking.


Q: What makes it so expensive?

A: Dragonfly has been 3 years in the making with a team of more than 45 tirelessly honing every aspect of the product. The result is a multi-patent pending piece of technology, with onboard AI and the latest cutting-edge materials. This advanced technology, high-quality production and performance materials naturally result in a premium product and brand.

There is no other product that comes remotely close to Dragonfly!


Q: Can I customise my Dragonfly?

A: Yes, this is possible. We have 4 distinctive colour options as seen on our website. We can also custom paint or use customer composite weaves. Our special vehicles team would be happy to discuss.


Q: Is Dragonfly available in my country?

A: Yes! We can take orders and ship to any location globally.


Q: When is it available to buy?

A: It is scheduled to be available from Summer 2020. You can place a pre-order now for just $100, which reserves your special edition Dragonfly.


Q: Is Dragonfly legal to use in the UK?

A: Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. This applies to some other countries as well. In the UK Dragonfly may only be used on private land. We recommend you check with local law enforcement officers for the local laws in your location.

In the UK we hope and expect that TFL and the Government will update legislation in the near future to support the green-friendly manifesto. Until those laws are changed it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their Dragonfly Hyperscooter is operated within your local and state laws.


Q: Can the speed be restricted to a set level?

A: Yes, the various onboard ride modes will allow for speed restriction. In addition, Dragonfly can be geo-fenced so that it automatically restricts the speed to the local limit. Top speed is currently limited to 38mph. This is restricted as we feel unless on a track in the hands of professional riders this speed is plenty of an adrenalin rush! 


Q: What is a Hyperscooter? What makes the Dragonfly Hyperscooter unique?

A: The name Hyperscooter reflects the entire package. Not just performance. There are fast e-scooters. But none which match the level of technology that is built into each Dragonfly. The same reason that a supercar is elevated to hypercar is because of the raised level of excellence in every area. 

The same reason that a supercar is elevated to hypercar is because of the raised level of excellence in every area.


Q: What exactly is the Full-Tilt steering Technology?

A: Full-Tilt Technology, inspired by F1 racing is a revolutionary yet intuitive 3-dimensional way to steer. A new free-flowing figure of 8 motion experience to control your Dragonfly. The steering is light and nimble yet self balancing and self-centring. 


Q: I don’t see traditional handlebars or a traditional throttle. How do I make it go?

A: Dragonfly uses a one-handed throttle control, operated by the left or right hand. This allows for hand signals to be used in conjunction with the vehicles turn signals. The patented centrally located acceleration control makes smooth speed transitions easy and intuitive.


Q: I’m kind of worried about people stealing it. How do I secure it?

A: Dragonfly has a manual lock and an RFID locking system. It is impossible to start it without the correct key. In addition, it has two alarms and can be geo-fenced by location or to a mobile device. The onboard acoustics will sound a tamper warning and the owner can set how many seconds prior to full alarm siren mode. If that fails you can GPS track it and retrieve it in moments.


Q: How big is it and how will I store it?

A: One of Dragonfly big advantages is its small footprint. At just over 11.8" (300mm) in its vertical sleep mode, Dragonfly will sit next to your desk, dining table or between your legs on mass transit without disturbing anyone. The only problem is how many jealous looks you will receive from owning one of these amazing pieces of technology!


Q: How long does the Dragonfly Hyperscooter battery take to charge?

A: Full charging can be achieved in just under 2 hours.


Q: Which battery comes standard with the Dragonfly Hyperscooter?

A: It's your choice. We let the customer decide. Some customers choose to have more than one.


Q: What’s the difference between the three-wheel model and the four-wheel model? (Other than the number of wheels, obviously!)

A: Essentially it is the ride style and the footprint. The 3 wheel deck is approx. 4" (100mm”) shorter than the 4 wheel. The 4 wheel Dragonfly, due to its 4 wheel steering system, gives you a super tight turning circle!

3-wheel: 32lbs (14.5kg) 4-wheel: 36lbs (16.5kg)


Q: Looks like a ton of fun, but is the Dragonfly Hyperscooter practical for my daily commute?

A: Yes! The most practical because you will arrive in style, with a smile on your face. But not only that, you will arrive with a super compact technology package that will sit next to you all day ready to go fly.


Q: My question isn’t answered here. What now?

A: If you have specific questions not covered here, please contact us at info@d-fly.com

Or download the full specs here