The Quest For something new

I fundamentally believe, people still want to have a relationship with their vehicles. Pride and enjoyment are closely related and play a significant role in the future success of micromobility. Carbon footprint, on its own, is not enough, people are crying out for a product that marries design, performance, safety & practicality - the iphone effect in the world of electric scooters.

“I have always loved sport, racing and adrenaline fun! wake boarding, kite surfing, skydiving, cycling, skiing... you get the picture. But when my body bit back at the age of 50, landing me in a wheelchair and then crutches for nearly a year, all of the above had to be toned down.

But I still want to enjoy the thrills and combined fun of these sports within the city, be it making the school run or heading to a meeting. I want as much of my free time to be fun whilst keeping my carbon footprint to a minimum. It was also critical that I stayed safe. Wiping out on water is one thing but on the tarmac of our cities that’s quite another.

This journey led me to test every micromobility product on the market, none of which lived up to the purpose or need of a changing world. This journey has since connected me with industry groups from F1 to pro cycling, pro kite boarders to electric bike manufacturers and award winning designers. After more than 2 years and $2.5 million investment, the result is something that I dreamt about at the beginning of my journey… The Dragonfly”

Jez Williman has made a career of spotting growth opportunities early. As CEO of Tensator, he built the largest crowd control company in the world. One of the world’s most recognised products, the Tensabarrier is a crowd control system seen in every airport, museum, movie theatre, event venue and shopping mall around the globe. A true market leader.

Under Jez’s direction he rationalised and redesigned the product range, set up 7 factories around the world to better service key markets. Positioning the company as a global player, with global reach, taking over all key resellers and expanded the product reach. Revenues moved from $5m in 2000 and reached $140m by 2010 With over $18m of EBITDA.

This same business acumen and determination is being channelled into making D-Fly Group a global success and redefining our understanding of micromobility.

Jez Williman - CEO D-Fly Group